Behringer B-5 Studio Condenser Microphone with 2 Interchangeable Capsules


Behringer B-5 Studio Condenser Microphone with 2 Interchangeable Capsules

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he Behringer B-5 Gold-Sputtered Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone features two interchangeable capsules that offer cardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns. This flexible design results in high-quality signal reproduction when capturing both vocals and instruments. The cardioid capsule provides maximum rejection of off-axis audio and ambiance, minimizing room noise and feedback. The omnidirectional capsule provides a generous pickup with uniform frequency response throughout. There is a -10 dB pad switch and low-frequency roll-off for suppressing low-frequency hum, rumble, and wind noise. The B-5 is suitable for capturing vocals, drum overheads, guitars, and similar instruments. The package includes a microphone stand adapter, a windscreen, and a carrying case.

Interchangeable Capsules
Omnidirectional and cardioid capsules provide flexibility for capturing audio in a wide variety of applications.
Low Frequency Roll Off
A low-frequency roll-off switch provides control over low-frequency hum and wind noise.
-10 dB Pad Switch
A -10 dB pad switch provides the necessary headroom for loud audio signals.
Linear Frequency Response
A linear, wide frequency response results in accurate detail from most sources.


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